Sucks to be me, this post is more than a month late. :1

It seems like it's a tradition now that my high schools friends and I celebrate birthdays together. It's good though. It gives us all an excuse to come out and meet each other despite being in different colleges and stuff. This year for Aki's birthday we went to Namoo to have our dinner.

Namoo On the Park, as the name of the restaurant suggests... there was a park outside the restaurant. So yeah, we sat outside too, so it was kinda dark. And I hate bad lighting. :1

Food pictures! As this was more than one month ago.. I don't remember what's the name of the food in accurate terms >_> Pardon me, please.

Hoong Fong's bulgogi.

Shanon's spaghetti bolognese 

My food - rice with fried shrimps and white sauce 

And that's all the foodie picture I took. LOL. Food ain't too bad. I like my food except that I was really very very veryyyy thirsty later on. Price wise - well it's the typical price you pay for environment and food :x

Kinda-candid picture of Aki. As you can see from the background in the picture (although blurred out) there's a park behind. I saw a lot of expats with their children hanging area there. 

Group picture. 

The night was still quite young and then we headed to Ben's for some cakes.

Red velvet was so-so.

I realized that Publika was really packed in most of the restaurants of cafes there. Publika is really atas place. I foresee that this place is really gonna be a hot spot for more teens or young adults.