I'm and I, not an E. Yes, if you didn't know what I was talking about I'm talking about extraversion - I for Introvert and E for Extrovert. I'm very intrigued with personality tests because I like to know more about human behavior. Which is also why, I find Criminal Minds sooooooo interesting. A lot of my friends thought that I'm pursuing Psychology but nope, I'm not. I did, however, said and thought before that I to have something to do with Criminology (totally inspired by Criminal Minds, yo) when I was back in form 4. But after that, I changed my mind la, duh. 


It's difficult to "be myself" especially when I'm around with people that I don't know. Probably because I care too much of what people think about me. Probably because I want to protect my own image. Probably because I'm just fearful.

"Shyness is about fear of social judgment" - Susan Cain

So crap, I'm both shy and introverted?!

Sometimes, I feel like withdrawing from the world because I don't think people understand. I feel like I'm being misunderstood so many times that I just want to cut off from this world and stay comfortable in my own shell and I like it this way. I do have friends who think I should "cheer up" when I'm all feeling is being drained out because of a long day in college and after I recuperate, I'm okay! 

I like to be alone but doesn't mean I totally hate social interactions. I like to hang out with friends but let's just say if it's a back-to-back event, I think I'll just choose one and I don't mind staying home the rest of the time. I could spend days at home, doing things alone but I know my friends could never do that, they'll die. LOL. Extroverts. Haha. My advantage, cause I don't have to spend a single cent when I stay at home XD

People need to start to understand how others respond to stimuli, introverts and extroverts a like. When we have the understanding, we changed our expectations towards them, then there's less complication and we become more empathetic. 

Watch this. : )

She's speaking from the Western-culture background but still quite relevant.
"Stop the madness for constant groupwork. Just.. stop it" 

OMG, YES! As much as I enjoy the fruits of working in groups (the aftermath of working together), the process of working with other people just eats me up sometimes because I'm so frustrated - I'm overpowered by the majority and I refuse to speak up. -_-; Okay, partly I know it's my fault for not speaking up but I'm learning. 

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