I'm and I, not an E. Yes, if you didn't know what I was talking about I'm talking about extraversion - I for Introvert and E for Extrovert. I'm very intrigued with personality tests because I like to know more about human behavior. Which is also why, I find Criminal Minds sooooooo interesting. A lot of my friends thought that I was pursuing Psychology but nope, I'm not. I did, however, say and thought before that I had to have something to do with Criminology (totally inspired by Criminal Minds, yo) when I was back in form 4. But after that, I changed my mind la, duh. 


It's difficult to "be myself" especially when I'm around people that I don't know. Probably because I care too much about what people think about me. Probably because I want to protect my own image. Probably because I'm just fearful.

"Shyness is about fear of social judgment" - Susan Cain

So crap, I'm both shy and introverted?!

Sometimes, I feel like withdrawing from the world because I don't think people understand. I feel like I'm being misunderstood so many times that I just want to cut off from this world and stay comfortable in my own shell and I like it this way. I do have friends who think I should "cheer up" when I'm all feeling drained out because of a long day in college and after I recuperate, I'm okay! 

I like to be alone but that doesn't mean I totally hate social interactions. I like to hang out with friends but let's just say if it's a back-to-back event, I think I'll just choose one and I don't mind staying home the rest of the time. I could spend days at home, doing things alone but I know my friends could never do that, they'll die. LOL. Extroverts. Haha. My advantage, is cause I don't have to spend a single cent when I stay at home XD

People need to start to understand how others respond to stimuli, introverts, and extroverts alike. When we have the understanding, we change our expectations towards them, then there's less complication and we become more empathetic. 

Watch this. : )

She's speaking from the Western-culture background but still quite relevant.
"Stop the madness for constant groupwork. Just.. stop it" 

OMG, YES! As much as I enjoy the fruits of working in groups (the aftermath of working together), the process of working with other people just eats me up sometimes because I'm so frustrated - I'm overpowered by the majority and I refuse to speak up. -_-; Okay, partly I know it's my fault for not speaking up but I'm learning.