HOWDY! How's your Chinese New Year peeps? Got fatter yet?

I realized that a lot of people have been baking/frying their own Chinese New Year cookies or delicacies this year. My mum included. I contributed by rolling some popiah + chicken floss and peeling off the crabsticks. LUL. Others are mostly done through mum's effort. 

I just finished my assignment which took me forever to finish it because I was slowly adding points and stuff. Partly cause I was kinda procrastinating also. :1 Reading about politics and historical facts kills me. T_T While it is quite interesting to read it like some sort of biography, it sucks to write an assignment about it. Urgh. 

Nothing really special about this CNY. This CNY has and will be about foooooodddd, Shandy and family and friends. One thing I hate about CNY is that you have to put on a mask when you meet your distant relatives... Everyone turns to a hypocrite. It's like "I hate you but I have to put on that fake smile" kind of situation. As you grow older, you don't really look forward to CNY just because of angpows anymore. 

Oh yeah, how's Valentine's? This year's Valentine's seems to be quite downplayed or not much of a hoo-ha really, except for yesterday. All the lovey-dovey pictures pop up :P

And, just realized... so many people that my family directly or indirectly knows passed away last July and August. Life.. who would have thought? 

Sorry, random thoughts. Now back to enjoying the last day of the holiday and starting my next assignment. I am lifeless. >_>