Read The Star newspaper today. With a dead body resembling William Yau (not confirmed by DNA yet but most probably it's him) making the headline news to Nurin Jazlin, The Star newspaper was made up of many news about missing children. In fact, no political news at all today for the first 16 pages. Too often, we take things for granted. That's human nature. So everyday, I try to make it a habit end my day with a prayer of thanksgiving. I thank God for keeping my house safe. Everyone in the house safe and thank God for good health.

Yesterday was Mummy's birthday we celebrated the day before cause it was a holiday. 

:D Shucks, I semakin chubbeh and fats by the day. D: 

Thank God I can hide behind. HEH. Thank God for mummy. The best mum I could ever have. Even my friends agree. :) I love this family of mine though I feel like I could die sometimes due to the high level of BP. But well, that's what families are for. Test your patience and make you a better person.