I was officially nineteen yesterday. Honestly, I had no feelings. I am SO glad last week went by fast enough. I was going to die of the madness of things that were about to happen last weekend. Let's start off with Saturday: exam in the morning, sister's birthday part 1 the next day, exam the next morning, then sister's birthday part 2 the same night, then exam again the following morning. Did you get confused? Haha.

But yes, HOLIDAYS are here! And I am SO glad again. :P

Birthday was simple. Dinner with friends. Good friends who remembered without needing Facebook's birthday reminder and took time off their busy schedule to have a simple dinner out together and treat you.

Yuck. My hair. LOL..

Friends who you grew up with who took the time to make something that you can relate to. You find yourself smiling when you see it and when you read the messages, your smile goes from ear to ear. You appreciate all of them for their effort in making simple things like cards or just simple makan. 

Nineteen. Thank you, God for giving me 19 years.

P/S: Yeah! Unifi is back up :)