McDonald's Malaysia just released the Coca Cola glass that commemorates London Olympics 2012 that last week. It comes free with every purchase of McDonald's meal AND Sundae/Mcflurry. The Coca Cola glass comes in 6 colors and McDonald's is only releasing it one by one by weeks.

As a Coke collector, I must say I am fortunate to be one of the firsts to get my hands on the complete set of Coca Cola glass that comes with a box! That makes a boxset :D *psst: boxsets are very valuable :)

Many thanks to ChurpChurp for allowing me to bring this back home and add it to my collection. You can try bringing back one yourself! Go to their website, search their blog and find out how :) Or simply leave a comment I'll gladly share it with you.

Inside the box are the gorgeous Coke glasses that comes in 6 colors (as mentioned). Clockwise from top left - Cycling (Purple), Football (Charcoal), Basketball (Aqua), Athletics (Green), Swimming (Blue), Gymnastics (Pink).

A CD under the cover hood :)

Side view.

As you can see, I'm struggling to find space to display the boxset. I need a new cabinet. #crowdfunding anyone? :)