You're bound to be called katak di bawah tempurung if you don't know that The Avengers is coming to the cinemas in 2 weeks time. I mean, seriously?! I don't know how excited are you but I am freaking excited!!! 

Here, maybe you should watch the trailer first if you haven't and see if you like it.

Hohoho, are you excited yet? Even more exciting, Nuffnang is giving out passes to watch this awesome movie to 55 bloggers! No doubt this is the most anticipated movie of the year and everyone would be trying to get these passes. 

Now now, I know a lot of us would love Iron Man, because Robert Downey Jr is too awesome when he is Tony Stark and way too cool as Iron Man. Or maybe some of us would love Captain America because Chris Evans is hotttt! Don't forget ScarJo as Black Widow. And also Thor, and The Hulk. Seriously so many awesome characters in this movie! 

But let me introduce another superhero if I could create a new member for The Avenger's team.  

*alamak malu gila*

ME!!! I'm the superhero! But NO WAY! I'm not gonna be a Angelina Jolie wannabe from Salt. Pfft. I'm gonna be far more awesome. I'll be MELODIC. Yes, that's my nama glamour.

HI! That's meeeee in cartoon :P

I would want to be Melodic if I could create a new member for The Avenger's team. Why?

1) Melodic is a young charming lady who is able to sing and speak emotions into people. I've always wanted to sing nicely but I can't T_T So being my own alter ego lets me sing and speaks emotion into people. 

2) Isn't it great that now, I would be able to control The Hulk? *grins* Just kidding. I'll be a really great help to The Hulk.

3) I can also inflict pain to others whenever I want, let people smile when they are sad, people would feel pleasure when they are in pain. Just by a word from me, they will have a change in emotion. But of course, I'm not a villain. I'm a SUPERHERO! I would use these abilities for good. 

4) Did you see the necklace I'm wearing? It's called Trizartic Necklace. This would just amplify the emotions I speak into people, especially when I sing the emotions out.

Am I not awesome enough to be part of The Avenger's team?

Hoho, Nuffnang pick me to be part of the S.H.I.E.L.D! 

Avengers, ASSEMBLE!