Have you ever wondered, what if, just what if, (touch wood) you didn't know it's gonna be your last day on Earth, and you just have a lil time more to do all the things that you wanted, what would you do? And as you reflect upon your life, what is it that make you happiest - ever?

It dawned on me that life is short and unexpected I want to do the things I like and enjoy and I've enjoyed some happy moments in my life. Of course, memories are frail and sometimes we tend to forget what we experienced. That's why photographs are really handy to remind us of our happy moments, and that's also the very reason I love photography =).

Winter and touching snow for the very first time in my life, in Korea! It was one of the happiest moments of my life as it was one of the best experiences in my life. I had a great time there =)

Being able to Sony TX5 with friends event courtesy of Nuffnang was also one of the happy moments in life. :] I seldom go to this kinda event to meet people and stuff, but it was fun, especially of the thrill of being in competition. And being able to see (didn't dare to approach XD) people like Timothy Tiah and Audrey in person was awesome :D Thus, one of the happy moments.

Or could it be getting results that I won something that defined my happiest moment? Nope, never. It's fun getting the news you won something and getting something in return for your hard work. That thrill of receiving the good news and telling everyone "ZOMG I WON. ZOMG I CANT BELIEVE IT. ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG". That feeling? Freaking awesome I tell you. But, nothing beats the happiest moment in my life..

Celebrating my grandmother's birthday this year has been the most amazing time of my life. And with no doubts, this is actually the happiest moment in my life. I always believed that without my family, I wouldn't be who I am today. I love my family to bits. I think it's a great joy to be able to see three generations coming together and celebrate this occasion together. 

We're not really celebrating longevity but rather this joyous occasion that hey, my grandmother had lived this long in raising her children and being able to see her children and grandchildren living their own lives and dreams. But we never forget how much she had sacrificed for all of us. 

Opportunities like this don't always come. You gotta appreciate those who are in front of your eyes because you won't know when will circumstances hit us, and then there will be no more chance to celebrate any happy occasions together. Value your family because no one could ever replace them as people always say, blood is thicker than water. Air yang dicincang tidak akan putus =)

Do you know how the HAPPY(s) go into celebrations? Like Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine's. Happy Happy Happy. And who do you celebrate all these Happy(s) with? Your loved ones, your family. =)

Someday sometime, I can show my kids that I have a happy family, a happy extended family too. I even have proof: showing them this picture. That's why I believe that happy photography is so important. 

And guess who is going along this line of Happy Photography? :) If you haven't guess it, it's Olympus, mate!

Yep, Olympus is introducing cameras for its theme of Happy Photography. Learn all about it here (link). I love the features of the camera and it will be pretty cool if I could get my hands on one of them =) 

I'd love to continue my happy photography and continue to preserve memories so that even at my old age next time, I will have something to remind me of all the happy things that had happened and I lived with no regrets =)