Mum read about a blog review about this place not too long ago, and we went out to try about 2 weeks ago. It was hard to find the place coz mum got overconfident, she didn't do research on how to go and she got the address wrong. The place is actually very near to Seri Saujana school. -.-'' Anyway lesson: Do your homework before doing any kind of adventures.

Lol. Apparently the aunty in the picture kept staring at our table. *rolls eyes* Malaysians gotta stop this "stop and stare" practice when they see something/someone "unsual". Ish. 
*update: ok, it's not this aunty. LOOOL. another aunty. haahhaa

Anyway, by the time we reach, it was about 7, I think. Crowd was okay, probably around 3-4 tables occupied. As soon as we stepped in, the workers there served us and were very nice people. Really enjoy going to places with good services.

Prawns and scallops. Yummeh.

What's this called again? Let's just call it "bamboo lala" XD

One nice thing about this place is, there's a barbecue area and you can practically ask the workers to barbecue anything for you. The workers will also approach you to ask you how many chicken wings you want.

This is. MAD NICE. T_T This BBQ chicken is like heaven. It's soft and juicy, not like some chickens which can turn out to be hard and what-not. Super tasty! But the downside of this's limited :( When I wanted to ask for a second helping an hour later (coz I was done eating everything else) they told me finish dy. Sobs. So, if you wanna eat this, go earlier!

Fried stuff! I don't know how they count this or if it's included but it's also very yummy. The worker asked us how many we want as soon as we're seated. So, yeah. Don't know issit counted or not. EVERYTHING IS SO YUMMY HERE. 

Yesh. BBQ prawns. Lalala

What this again? Scallop with some sauce. NICEEE. XDD 

BBQ crabs. Did I mention the crabs were really fresh? So juicy and meaty and yummy. Sorry man, just ran out of words on how to describe how yummy the foods are.

Homemade mushroom balls. This is good for shroom lovers. But bad for those who hate them. The taste it quite..mushroomy. Maybe a bit unusual, but overall it's okay for me. :P

I know it looks like some silky work but it's not. It's actually the "bamboo lala" XDD. BBQ-ed, again :P With cheese!!! O: YUMMEH.

Well, choices are your normal ones lah. All kinds of balls and shrooms. Fishes and what-not. Usually, my family don't eat any kind of balls when eating steamboat outside. To make our trip worth, we always opt for prawns and crabs and those shell-ed creatures. Heh heh heh.

Yes, besides BBQ-ing. We also asked the workers to steam crab for us :] Wee. Steaming crabs only enhances how juicy the crabs are, the original sweetness. Drooling while thinking about this :(

There's also icecreams for desserts. I liked the yam. :]

Overall, it was a worthwhile trip to try out the place. Good food. Reasonable price for the things we had. And it's also quite near. Not forgetting their very good service. They workers were really friendly and they were efficient. Won't hesitate to come again next time :P

Address: No 28, Jalan 14/149L, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.