Last month, was my birthday. Wakakaka. So yeah, Groupon was actually having promotion 50% discount for buffet at Renaissance. So, went there anyhows to celebrate my birthday and also my sister's, just 3 days apart if you didn't know. Heh. There were many other people who went there too, and I found out, most of them were using the Groupon voucher too. 

Not much picture. Just food picture infact. :O Oh, on a random thought, I skipped my extra math class btw for this dinner :3 The only time I skipped math class infact, coz replacement was from 5.30pm-7.00pm =_______=' Can't make it. Okay! Picture time :P Not in order. 

Ice-cream. This was disappointing. They only have TWO flavours and the icecream booth was like hidden in the middle together with all the other desserts. :/ The icecream section was really small(can't even call it a section actually) and disappointing. Usually, I'll go a few rounds of ice-creams but for this, I went just once! Even with the choc chips and chocolate topping above, the icecream still sucks. :/ Bad bad bad!

Prawns! Cold prawns geeez.

Fat blobs of salmon sashimi (favouriteee!). Some other kind of sushis. Really, that's not much choice of sushi around O: Even for the octopus, I had to go a few times to get the plate. And the octopus tastes weirdddd. Oh, they have handrolls too, that's a plus. But no sauce -_- I meant, mayo. That's a minus for them.

Steamed prawns with ginger, random sushi behind and a piece of crab. Cold crab too. Meh, don't really fancy eating cold crabs or prawns o_o 

Clockwise : Beef (I forgot what exactly it is, but tastes not bad :P), LAMBBBBB!, prawns (again xD), grilled salmon

Cake pudding. Is it? I forgot. Didn't like the taste. :P

I had other stuffs including random things like pisang goreng lol. Some cakes, not very into it, tastes ordinary :P Beef. Overcooked, or at least it's overly tough to be eaten for me. Man, I don't know what's wrong with Renaissance. It wasn't the kind of buffet I was expecting from them :/ Nevertheless, no complains. 

Probably it was the price O: Perhaps the changed the menu or something because of the Groupon deal. The last time I went here was more than 5 years ago, can't remember what exactly I ate but I vividly remembered they had cheese baked muscles. It tastes soooooo good, that's why I only remember that XD.

After that, went home to cut cake :P

Yes, mum made crepe cake. x) See the layers. Hohoho.

 Okay, that's about it. Stay tune for next update :)