Ruhwey and the cow.

This is quite overdue about 2 weeks ago. Hehe. So, we had a surprise birthday dinner with Joynn at Marche at the Curve. It's my second time here after many many many years ago. My first time was more than 6 years ago, and I can't even remember what I ate then.

It's easy to spot Marche as long as you see the cow above in the street walk. Just a fun fact, Marche (pronounced as Mar-shay) literally means market in French. So, the concept of this restaurant is basically like a marketplace. Of course, it's a very high class and clean one. :P

That was some of us, chilling after decorating the place with balloons. Other pictures were much more blurry, thus lazy to upload -.- Nevermind, you won't be disappointed with the food pictures later I hope O:

Blurrrryyy pictures. Please excuse it. That was our private chamber for the night. We were seated at the Swiss Auberge section. Cool eh? Just imagine walking with that many balloons and fitting them all inside one car. LOL amazing I must say. I'm impressed. So after waiting, we were told to hide as Jo's gonna come anytime soon.. So, hiding it is. But after the 5th minute of squatting down and trying to avoid being seen, everyone's like "faster lahhhhhhhhhhhh"..

So alas, bravo we manage to surprise her. Bet she didn't expected. Wahahaa. Although she said she suspected. Yea right.

Hi! It's me with the birthday girl. And with specs. And fat :( Sobs. Ok next.

Some pictures around the restaurant as we wonder around trying to figure out what to eat. Here in Marche, no one's gonna come to you and take your order. You gotta go and see for yourself what you would like to eat, then, place your order. After that, come collect it when it's done, they will tell you how long it will take approximately :P Oh, beware, it's as if it's buffet style. But no, it's not! Just a reminder, cause I feel like taking whatever I saw too XD

Ruhwey with the fruits. If I didn's mistaken this was the fruit juice counter. So market-ish like right? By the way, don't you think that the colour of this picture is very striking aye? I didn't edit the colours or anything for this picture. So nicest for photography T.T If only got DSLR kan? :x

Enough of random pictures. There's more later, for now, food picture time!! XD

Grilled fish, I forgot what species of fish but definitely not dory -_-' This was KLing's meal. Yummeh. Got veggie and potato o_o" Add on I think for the potato, not sure about the veggie.

Grilled striploin aka beef. No veggie!!! Looks very dry right? Actually kind of. This was my meal. O: I wish they had some salad or something. I ordered medium but it was like well done :( To me, it was so-so. In comparison with The Ship's beef I'd take sides with The Ship's :P

Rosti on the left, and lamb on the right. Curi makan from other people thus the smaller portion. XD This is my first time eating rosti and I love it!!! Why I like Rosti? Kan I told you already, I love anything that is of potatoes (link) :P The lamb was okay, I feel bloated that night honestly and didn't have a good appetite. So everything was okay to me -.-'' except rosti! XD

Spaghetti something something? Forgot :/ I felt like vomiting because of the cream. Oh, it's not the full portion by the way. Not fine dining lah, don't worry :P

Oh!! And this pizza!!! I love this pizza tooooooooooooo. After the rosti, this pizza is the next thing I enjoyed eating the most for the night. Heeee. Sedap tau. I know I makan-ed a lot during the night, explains my size :( Sorry loh. But I didn't binge okay T.T

KILLER OF THE NIGHT. Chocolate cake from Godiva. One person made a joke something about Goddessva -_-' lame dou. The chocolate was too overwhelming for most of us. It's tooooo chocolatey you can vomit on the spot if you finish one slice by yourself. See for yourself below.

Every single layer is made from pure chocolate, even the base. Don't expect to find any layer without chocolate :P And this is no spongecake you know. XD Eating the cake is like eating melted chocolated that is shaped in a slice. O: Okay exaggerating. As much as it's very chocolatey and can make you feel. It can also make you feel like you're in heaven liddat also. Okay lah, enough of my hyperbole. Sorry O:

Nothing much already. If you wanna know more about Marche you can google up the other blogs or just simply head on to their website, it's very helpful :) Go here : (link

Ending this blog post with few more random pictures XDD

Moon and balloons :D

Lastly, happy birthday Mojojojo! Although I'm super late :( 
Love you sis ^_^

P/s: I'm sorry for the lack of human pictures cause the camera's problematic and most people don't know how to handle it :( And, I also have a hard time using is because of the problem thus I didn't ask people to take pictures using my camera as I don't want them to stone for a picure O: Sorry lads.