In relation to this post : About what I got for BK in SPM and my thoughts about it (link)

Last week, Ms. Moey emailed all the SPM 2010 in her class to ask about their results. And I happen to be on the list, uh oh. I didn't really want to tell her my results as it wasn't good but now, I'm forced to tell her hahahaa. So anyway, I told her my results for all subjects in SPM as she requested and what I was currently doing. And of course, told her how much I really enjoyed BK and apologized =/ And this was what she replied to me.

Such an encouragement!!! The first para just brought me into leaping heights. I mean, that coming from my BK teacher, who's known to be very strict in marking and examining. Absolutely happy and above all, very encouraged by her words. :) And remark!! I've actually considered remarking. Wanted to do that. As I said, I really had put in lots of effort to do well. And well, I guess though it's not paid in the examination - it paid off as a Christian. I truly have learned soooo soooooo much in her classes. Thank you, Ms. Moey!