Well, the family went to Smokehouse at Bangsar to celebrate Ruhwey's birthday in advance last Sunday. It's just next to Madam Kwans, quite easy to find I would say. Good ambiance, very quiet my dad's favourite. He dislikes noise very much, at least in restaurants.

Elder sister, Joynn found out about this place and suggested it. It has a rather nice interior and a romantic, serene environment. Reason why we picked this place was because we also wanted to surprised my mum since my parents' anniversary was around the corner, which is today 20102010. How special! It's their 20th wedding anniversary today. Cool.

We ordered a mango cheesecake for Ruhwey. I'd still prefer my strawberry cheesecake muahaha. We no longer buy cakes from Secret Recipe now, because it's pricey and we're bored of it already x_x"

Deviled Chicken, Ruh ordered this. -_-; What a name XD. Something like oriental-sauced chicken. Well, I think it's oranged in colour, I can't see properly you see. The lighting is so horrible and well, romantic mar -_-; So it's like kinda dark and she's seated "far away" from me. And yes. XD I can't see properly. x_x

My Chicken and Mushroom Pie! This is great pastry. Great artwork also if you slowly admire the wonders the chef had performed in this dish. XD Very very yummy, the pastry is great like I said, except the fact that this is tooooo creamy. Don't eat it alone or you'll vomit -_-; Well, share share la. Learn to share, cliche as it is but it's true! Sharing is caring XD

This is part of Joynn's Roast Sirloin of Steak with Yorkshire Pudding. I didn't manage to snap a good shot of the whole dish and only manage to capture a clearer picture of this small portion of meat that she gave me to try XD. They generously serve 3 slices of steak and the one above is just like 1/3 of one slice of it. The plate is small so don't mistaken okay. I don't eat that much XD. I like the yorkshire pudding very much too. But I didn't take a picture of it(again). I hate bad lightings you know? D:

My mum ordered a tom yam soup, goodness it was really good! No picture, sorry D: It's sweet then sour then spicy till you can cry that kind. XD No la, exaggerating but you really can taste the sweetness of the soup first, then the sour taste then when you swallow it down, you can feel your throat kinda burning. Sorry, did I explain too much? I score rather quite well in descriptive essay you know XD

As for my dad, I forgot what exactly he ordered but it was roasted stuffed chicken. That's all I remembered but I didn't try it because I was almost vomiting already because I cannot contain eating so much cream from my pie D:

For the price, it's reasonable. For the 5 things we ordered the bill came up to about RM120. There was also 15% discount for Maybank card users. So yeah.

Enough of Smokehouse, here's the address if you wanna go there :)

The Smokehouse

67, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2288 1510
Business hours:
Weekdays -11am to 12am
Weekends – 11am to 2am
(located next to Chawan & Madam Kwan’s)

On the other hand, well, before we finished or even started eating, we managed to pakat with someone to deliver flowers to my mum, taadaaaa :D

Tigerlilies, my sister did her homework and she said people give tigerlilies for their 20th anniversary. But because there's no tigerlilies so there's daylilies for her. Well, we also gave my mum a necklace that we bought for her. My father can't do all these(well, you know why) so we did all these on behalf of him. :)

Well, happy 20th anniversary mummy and daddy. :)
FAMILY is always Father And Mother I Love You