About a month ago, I came across this website juiceonline.com and found out some interesting stuffs going around the site. There's also a column for contests, which is about all the contest that juiceonline.com is having at the moment. Well, I decided to take my first try in entering their contest and I was so surprised when they announced me as winner for their Hurts Contest.

Well, the contest was to describe my most hurtful experience in the most creative way. So, I was really surprised. If you wanna know what I write, just tell me or drop a message :P. Hahaha.

So anyway, I went and collect my Hurts Presentation Box on Tuesday with my mum at The Boulevard, Mid Valley. The office is easy to find and not really secluded unlike Sony's office x_x" It's really hard to find you know. Anyway...

The Presentation Box is a black leather-finish box embossed with the Hurts logo which contains Happiness (the duo's album), a booklet with images and biography, and Theo's trademark comb. That was what juiceonline.com said about the presentation box, but I can't seem to find the booklet =/. Just two postcard-like poster and a lil biography about Hurts. Well, I guess they meant the postcard-like poster as the booklet then? D:

Okay, some pictures of the Presentation Box :)

Yeh, and as for the hamper..of course they'd give away sony products which would be obviously, their artist's album..

Warren Hill, Shakira, Dave Matthews Band. Errr, honestly, I don't really fancy them much. D: But it's alright, free mah. I take. Hahaha, I know I super aunty-like -_____-;

Well, but I kinda really like Hurts and if you'd like to see a pretty good review head over to Jamie's. Alright, I shall listen to my new albums now. Tas!