Oh hai! I'm backs people! And now with my own domain if you realized :) www.ruxyn.com and for free! Thanks to Exabytes SG :D

If you didn't know, I was back at Muar for the past few days. Spend time to cari makan, my favourite! And watch my cousin with her new patterns -_-;

Hurhur, this was for tea time. Went to Muar town and bought fried (unhealthy) stuff. And ais kacang or issit cendol. Anyhow the red bean is gooooooooooooood. Same like the one in Malacca. In KL, you only find red beans that are from cans in your ais kacang or cendol. Booooo :(

Later that night right, we went for siham hunting. The night before, we went all the way to Malacca to find siham but the store sold out already =( Walked to Jonker then, also no more =(. So sad, went back empty handed =(. Walked a few KMs that night because didn't want to drive when we reached Malacca ._." So anyway, siham-haters I don't appreciate you telling me siham is NO GOOD, unhealthy etc. XD I know, and don't need you to tell me anymoreeeeeeeeee =P Back to the siham hunting story, we went to a store nearby and settle for this store :

Hurhur, the shop's name says it all. Great stuffs at a cheap price I tell you! Can never find these stores so easily in KL :( And definitely not at the price they offer. But did I mention? No more siham again! Argh =( It was destined I think, no siham for this time around T_T

Lala. :D



Food's good I tell you! Those people around Muar or would make a trip there, come here and get yourself satisfied with awesome food. I tell you the squids so nice lor, sooooooooooo fresh and nice and nice and fresh and nice and fresh XDD

Ikan Bakar Ah Hoe
8, Jalan Sakeh, 
Taman Bintang 84000,
Muar, Johor.