If' I'm a Russian Spy, my code would be F0711. F for Fatty and 0711, my birthdate. 
Want to join me? 'Cause I think we all qualify to become Russians by name not by blood, since we are always rushing ._. Okay, not funny -________-;

Anyways, the ultimate mission entrusted to me, F0711 by Mother Russia would be :
Mission Possible G-AFRH1. 

Mission Possible G-AFRH1 : Recruit as many Father Russia(ns) back to home no matter what circumstances. Rebels will be punished when caught off-guard. Spies may use any way to force Father Russia(ns) to come home if they refuse.

The plan enfolds.. my plan to execute the mission would be this :

You may ask, why her? A kid?! Well, she's my best weapon as she have the seductive look to distract anyone who's trying to boycott my plans. Yo, which human being will deny looking at my cute lil' cousin? For sure, all the Father Russia(ns) will be attracted to my cousin :D 

Target 1# and 2# located. 
Two Father Russia(ns) sitting down together, hugging and enjoying sunset. 

Target 3# spotted. 
Another Father Russia(n) at a supermodel showcase.

Target 4# located.
Random Father Russia(n) rocking out at a karaoke session.

Well, I'm an amateur, so four Father Russia(ns) should be sufficient to satisfy Mother Russia.

I don't know what will happen to the four Father Russia(ns). Probably Mother Russia will punish them and it will be too late for Father Russia(ns) to beg for mercy...*muahahahhaa*

But anyway, Mother Russia sent me a message..

Well, I may not be a an S agent. (S)-exy-killful-experienced spy like Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) in Salt, but I stand a chance to watch her in action, oh inspirasiku.

I'm hoping to change my code to S0711 you see. Sexy0711. Oh my. I can't wait. <3

So yeah man, all the way! I wanna be a Russian Spy.
I wanna watch Salt too!

Nuffnang, pretty please? =)