I collected my albums from Sony Music Malaysia today! :) Well, free albums teehee. Remember how I got it? I love it. Lambert's album also comes with DVD ._. I didn't know that. Two of his MV is inside. But I want his If I Had You's MV. Unfortunately, it's new, so I guess it's not included D: I picked also Daughtry's Leave This Town. Hurhur. 

Well, it's hard work collecting it. Their office is very secluded, it took me like 30-40 minutes to find their place =(. Aww, that's the only thing. Thank you Sony Music Malaysia anyways! 


Oh yeah, my sister in her last year of her teens. Sadly MUAHAHAHA.
Happy birthday ^^. Blessed birthday. Don't so ngam cham and so easy angry la -_-;