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10 Years

The first entry in this blog was written exactly 10 years ago today, on 7 June 2007. You probably can't see it now because I've unpublished half of the entries on this blog into drafts.

In 2007, blogging was a fad that was fast spreading teens and young adults. Blogging was the "in-thing". I was already blogging on MSN's Windows Live Spaces when I was 13. There were many mundane, silly entries about... feelings and life as a teen who was discovering her own identity. 
I don't remember how I got to know about Google's Blogspot but the 14-year-old me decided to simply start afresh and dump the blog on Windows Live Spaces and started blogging here. I think it was some time before or after the 2007 YPF Camp that I decided to do so. I think so. 
I chose the url ''. HAHA. Yes, so silly. 
Back then, I can't spell to save my life and I didn't care that I wrote who as 'hu' and disappointed with two 's'.
A few y…