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Goodbye, Tora Aman. You'l Be Missed

I made an impromptu trip to Puchong yesterday as I silently bid goodbye to Tora Aman, as the local publishing company shut downs for good, soon.

Scalpers and fans alike have already rushed there earlier to get their hands on the comics from RM2, which is really dirt cheap as the comics are in pretty good condition (most of it).

It was packed but it's still easy to see who the publisher appeals to - one glance and you'll notice that the people here are mostly in their 20s and 30s.

You see, I grew up reading Detektif Conan comics. Those days, the comics were easily available but as a little kid, it was a luxury so every book was like a treasure. Today, the comics are treasures too as Tora Aman will cease to exist and nobody knows if there will be another publisher like Tora Aman that bring our favourite mangas here.

Like many businesses that have suffered since 2014, the introduction of GST has ultimately killed another player in the cruel publishing industry.

Even at the last m…