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Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) - Review And First Impressions

About 1 month ago I made the jump and got myself the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) for RM299 (excluding GST) by getting the Maxis One Club RM158 plan. Sold my previous phone (the Redmi 2 Enhanced, so I didn't have fork out a lot of money for the device).

I was a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S2, which took the world by storm, so it's nice to be a Samsung user again.

RRP is set at RM1,899 by Samsung Malaysia. Sadly at that price, this phone is parked under the 'midrange category'. With flagship price going higher and higher, this is no surprise actually.

Early reviews by critics gave the latest Galaxy A7 considerably good ratings as the A7 has gotten many great features from the big brother Galaxy S7, which is the flagship of the Galaxy S series.

What I love: 

1. Smart View - This is an exceptionally great feature as this means that I no longer need to use another app to cast a content from my phone to the smart TV. Everything is mirror-image, which makes viewing videos o…