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Food: Grilled Salmon Cajun Style @ Fish & Co., Pavilion

If you're working near Pavilion and its vicinity, you should probably pay a visit to Fish & Co. for its weekday lunch set. The restaurant is secluded, hidden at the corner of level 4 of Pavilion but perhaps if you're craving for some seafood satisfaction, this will be worth a visit.

I had the opportunity to try out the Grilled Salmon Cajun Style. Honestly, you can't go wrong with salmon otherwise that's a big problem. Fish & Co's grilled salmon is well-marinated and cooked to perfection - can taste that the salmon is fresh. However, the sides are rather disappointing, bland french fries and the vegetables are too raw for my liking. Overall, I think it's an OK dish, but honestly I expected better from Fish & Co. I got a feeling I would like the Arctic Fish & Chips better though.

This outlet is hugeeee, should have no problems accommodating hundreds of people (yes, hundreds! this place is seriously hugeeee). Also think it's a great venue for …

Review: Mi Redmi 2 Enhanced 2GB RAM 16GB Malaysia (IN-DEPTH Review)

I find it quite tricky to review something on the Internet after using only for a few times or a few days. Thus, I've always put it as first impression. When I got my current phone, Mi Redmi 2 Enhanced about 3 months ago, I published a first impression review which you can read here.

In the last few weeks, I have noted the requests for a second review since I've used it for awhile. So I thought I'll share what I think about the phone now, after about 3 months of using it on a daily basis. Do take note that I am basing this review with my personal usage, which I will explain below (hopefully in greater detail for you to understand) and also from my experience with using my previous phone, the Motorola Moto G.

Just a note: I am using two sims on the phone - Maxis on Sim1 and Hotlink on Sim2.

The battery life is not too impressive for me. On an average day where I leave my phone at the office table (idle mode) but allow the wifi to be switched on, it can last about 6-8…