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Nokia Lumia 800 Hands-On Review - First Impressions

Hi peeps! I can't believe this and neither would you, but you should. Yes, I've gotten my hands on a Nokia Lumia 800 all the way from London, UK! I would be using Nokia Lumia 800 for the next 2 weeks and I'll let you know what I think about it.

What was found in the box I received. 
Well, it's not a brand new phone actually because it was already opened up when I open up my parcel. This phone is actually from Nokia, UK. Very excited about this. I was looking at the tracking site and this phone traveled from UK to Germany, then to Hong Kong then only it reached Malaysia. All in 3 days! Gotta salute DHL for their efficiency.
It's Windows, baby!
This, is where you place your microsim card.
View from another angle.  From left: microsim, charger, 3.5mm jack 

At the back of Lumia 800.  Camera and flash. You can see at the Nokia part there are quite some bad scratches there. 
Buttons. Camera. Lock/Power. Volume (down and up)

First thing is set up the phone and start downloading ap…


Dwelling in the past, memories never last.
Work for a better day, slave for a better pay.
Keep your eyes open wide because there is always something to hide.
Wish upon the stars to keep your hopes of getting money alive. But throw a coin to the wishing well and you'll find a dime.
What am I saying? Does it make sense? Am I just babbling or I making cents?
Far from sight, chasing a flight.
~ 25/6/12 ~

Selling Autographed Super Junior SUJU Album - Sungmin

Edit: Item sold!
Sungmin's Autograph
Hey, Heechul :D
Look at Siwon staring right into your soul :x

(: Selling this autographed album. Please leave a comment (remember to state your email!) in this blogpost if you are interested and I will contact you (;
I won this, and I don't really need it although it's nice to keep. If you have any hesitations don't worry, I'll gladly explain to you how I got it :D 
I got it from here (link)

Video of The Week: Ed Sheeran - Lego House (A Cappella by Eclipse)

A friend shared with me this video and it's awesome! Love it. :D I always love it when people a cappella and it turns out to be awesome. (Y) Thumbs up. Share it with your friends if you like (:

Borders Malaysia Manager Charged Over Banned Book, JAWI and JAKIM

Yet, another controversial issue that happened in Malaysia. It seems like a trend whereby our leaders or authorities failed to take immediate action or give immediate attention to a case unless it is publicize by media and then they finally feel the pressure attend to the matter. I wonder why is this happening that the pleas of Malaysians always fall into deaf ears.

This time, it's Borders Malaysia who resort to social media (sharing a statement demanding for immediate release).

Read the statement released by Borders Malaysia (read in PDF: link):

In view of the reports in the press today about an employee of Borders being charged in 
the Syariah Court for violation of Syariah laws, Borders is compelled to issue the following 

The management of Berjaya Books Sdn Bhd who own and operate the Borders bookstore 
chain in Malaysia is very disappointed that our store manager Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz 
has today been charged by Jabatan Agama Wilayah Persekutuan (JAWI)  in the Kuala 

Video of The Week: TEDtalks - Beeban Kidron - The Shared Wonder of Film

I missed VOTW last weekend. This video is a lil lengthy and might be boring for some. But I find it full of content. TED videos are awesome stuffs. You guys should check it out. :)

McCafe Malaysia at Kota Damansara Opening 16 June!

Great news, McDonald's or rather McCafe fans! McCafe is finally opening in Malaysia! McCafe is opened for business from 7am-12 midnight starting tomorrow at McDonald's Kota Damansara. 

For more details log on to McDonald's Malaysia's Facebook Page :) (link)
*click for bigger image*

Maroon 5 Concert Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2012

*updated: 27/5/2012

Pre-sales starts on June 29  (only for Fan Club members) General tickets will go up for sale on July 14 at 10am. 
Price tickets are: RM195, RM295, RM355, RM485
For more info - click (here) -- Maroon 5 just announced on their twitter (@maroon5) that they are coming to Malaysia on September 20th, 2012! Book your dates people. More updates soon on the ticket pricing and seatings and venue soon I hope!

via: (link)

Met an Accident, Stolen Phone - Patrick Lim

What has become of our world today where our police chose to ignore a case with evidence presented? Is it true that Malaysia has come to a stage where it is too corrupted that we really have to be seen as a hopeless nation? What has the society become today where the thief/robber is still freely roaming outside when he is already identified? Why there is NO action taken or any investigation that takes place? What disgusts me more are that those people who support his action. And what about the girl that is possessing the phone? Is she not responsible for this matter also? It is no longer the matter of losing a phone because it was stolen. It is the matter of these people that causes harm to others but they are escaping from punishments (that they deserve) and yet these people feel no remorse or regret about their actions but continue to be proud of their evil deeds. It is the matter of bringing justice back to the society and bringing back the freedom to walk and drive on the streets …

5 years

It's been 5 years since I started blogging on blogspot. Time flies isn't it? I started with then to then now, I'm gonna stick with this for a very long time now.. or at least for as long as I'm blogging. 
If you've been following my blog for quite some time now, you'll know I've gone up and down with blogging. Missing at certain times, spamming with posts at the other times when I'm free or just bored.
What started off as a diary, became less and less personal because of experiences. Mainly because of my rants and how I vent out my frustration on my blog because an obstacle for me to not move on with my life when thing sucks. Sometimes when I look back at my archives, I find myself being so silly and childish. But that's what teens do, right? And there were so many subtle messages that I posted in my blog last time.. but now when I read it back, I forgotten what I meant behind those subtle…

Things I Like

Anything colourful or cute. 

Video of the Week: Safe and Sound (Taylor Swift) - Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider

You should know by now I can be not biased to anything - except Sam Tsui and Criminal Minds.

Well! I was mad happy when I woke up on Monday and found Kurt posting a new video with Sam! It's good to see Kurt and Sam working together because they are BEST together. Seriously. Pfft. Rumour has it that Kurt has found his "new boy" - Max - who happen to share the same family name with Kurt - Schneider. Gasp.

BUT. It's cool to see them together AGAIN. They've been making good good covers. And this video below must have been the video that have gotten the least "Sam Tsui sucks/is gay" comment ever. Seriously, if you go through the comments, most of them are positive (how unlikely :P) Sam definitely sounds awesome with falsetto!

One thing that bugs me is that Kurt's videos are not getting as much views as before :( Not sure why. So sad. But hope they don't stop making covers and producing originals!

Attempted Kidnap, Rape and Robbery at The Curve

Has anyone not yet read this account that happened at The Curve last weekend? (link).

For the past 1 week, I had lost count how many articles and stories I read on social media related to rape, robbery, snatch thieves and attempts of trying to rob people on the road even. Of course, social media is good at these things. One story goes viral and all the others pop up one after another. Same thing with every other issues.

But..all these stories sparks up fear. I don't feel safe in my country. I don't even feel safe in my home sometimes because of what had happened back in 2008. To think that as a girl, I'm even more vulnerable to all these compared to a guy. So, over the past few nights, I've been thinking of how I could protect myself from these incidents..or how I would react when I encounter them. (See? I even picture myself in these situation because in this time, this kind of things could happen to ANYONE).

I was thinking I should get a weapon like some heavy sticks…

WIN: SUJU Super Junior Autographed Mr Simple Album!

image from:
Hey Kpop fans, if you really, really, really LOVE SUJU...You need to know this: A few organizers are giving away SUJU's autographed albums. I know where to find them. Just hit me up. Leave your emails here, ASAP and I will contact and tell you the complete details. :)

In case you aren't convince, I've actually won 2PM autographed album before (link)

It's fine if you don't believe me. But you're missing out. :P