35mm lens.

Have been taking a lot of slow shutter shots lately, for the past 1 month and have been very satisfied with the results. Next, I wanna get a prime lens. Friend is selling with filter. Very tempted to buy. How leh?

Save first ba. :O Happy holidays, how's CNY going ? :)


My holidays have begun, but time will fly as my assignments will be due soon, quizzes coming and midterms and what-not. Sometimes, going to college is fun because I enjoy learning.. but at the same time, I hate it because there's not much flexibility more in terms of timing. :( Everything's kinda rush isn't it. But here comes CNY! I just want to forget everything and enjoy! But. It will also mean regret later?.. -.- I shall spend my holidays WISELY I promise. I promise. This blog will rather be dead. Argh. :( Meanwhile... just keep checking when you're bored. Who knows I might just throw something "interesting" ? I've drafted few posts actually. Klar, till then. Happy CNY :)

My dragon shot, that I took while hanging out with friends yesterday :D 

Changes/Differences between Android 2.3.6 and Android 2.3.4, Android 2.3.6 vs Android 2.3.4

This is my first attempt on being a geek. XD These are the changes or differences between Android 2.3.6 and Android 2.3.4, all based on observations on my Samsung Galaxy S II ! Some also contributed by friend, Dawa :D

Android 2.3.6 vs Android 2.3.4
1. Silent Mode vs Sound/Vibration
2. Can save phone contact directly to Sim on 2.3.6, previously cannot
3. Blue scrolling when you reach the most top/bottom of page on 2.3.6
4. Voice talk to create alarm is now fixed on 2.3.6
5. Power settings widget changed
6. After call, option to add as contact is added
7. Animation available when rotating photo
8. Faster screen capture speed
9. It is now "custom power saving" when you customize your own power saving settings
10. New window opened is now different

Anymore? Tell me :D thanks!

Coca-Cola Semangat Truck KL Tour

College started. Won't be updating often already :( Anyhows, I'm in this video. Spot me! :DD

Day 1 of Sem 3

Last semester of foundation! Cheh wah, super confident I won't be extending sem. Calculated my CGPA today for foundation, and in order to get 6.1/7 I need to get all HDs this semester :( Quite impossibru. Just checked my subject course outline too. Gonna have a 2.5k words group report for human comm. OMG. I hope it turns out well. And as for business, I'll get to run my own business and write a report for that. All these carry good marks. Statistics was dead boring, and the lecturer memang got bad reputation dy. But what to do, can't change class dy. I hope all turns out well. Tuesday is the most dreaded day for this sem. Gah, I went to college for 8am class but class ended after 10 minutes -_-' My next class was 12.30. I managed to survived and rotted for so long. Day was really boring nak mampusssss. Arghh. I hope things turn out more interesting like last semester. Okies. Day ended well, I won a late Christmas present. Feels good :D

Tired for today. Toodles :)


Just let me vent out my frustration here. Anger level maximum. Just experience road rage. On the turning out from Tesco, our car didn't stop and went ahead, then a car, WHO SAW US  press oil accelerate maximum and behsong cause we went ahead and he had to brake. After that he chased us, and showed middle finger several times while shouting in Malay. So, I'm all fired up it's not even our fault and why the road bully man? So immature for him to show the middle finger and threatening us. So, I just reached out to my phone and want to snap his picture and his vehicle. He was beside us now, and he saw what I was doing. Now, he think I was threatening him. So he took out his phone and tried to snap us. I don't know if he did but I didn't manage to because phone response slow -_- Reason I want to take his picture is to blacklist him of course, and in my mind I was thinking of using the picture for police report. It would be convenient if there's a online site to report on road bullies too bad there's no online portal to report such cases. And also, he shouted MATI KAU. And while he tried to snap our picture, he wasn't really looking infront, THANKFULLY HE DIDNT BANG ANYONE RIGHT? If not, it would be funny. Ya, so he kept following us until we almost reach our destination but he didn't follow us after that. I assume he should be living around Bandar Tasik Selatan. AND ALSO, his wife(a female was beside him, I shall assume is the wife) was looking, innocently but she said nothing, I assume. Walao, should I pity her for such a husband or blame her for not saying anything? I DONT KNOW.

Pray for safety because he might just come around and dig and find us to gangster us THOUGH IT'S NOT EVEN OUR FAULT MAN. Watch out guys. -_- Watch out for cars with WKJ lol coz I googled and found out another car with WKJ carplate is also a road bully -_-

Thanks to people like this, I just feel like being racist. Seriously. BUT, I must (shall) think rationally. Chinese also act the same way, so it just does not justify. But encountering this kinda situation really make people's prejudices increase. Now, I understand why the deep racial tension.

I'm still angry.

Day 1

How was your NYE? Mine was awesome to the max! I wasn't caught in jam, didn't get packed like sardines with a few hundred or thousand unknown sticky strangers. I was very very near home, in a friend's house together with the whole extended family yet we don't have any blood relations :)

There was turkey, pizzas, chicken pies. So Western-like? Don't worry we also had mihun and other good food :P There were wine and beer, but no one was drunk, maybe the hyperactive kids perhaps? Also, my first time really drinking beer and I took hours to finish 1/3 of a bottle. Total fail lol.

We just enjoyed each other's company, eat away, laugh at each other silliness during pictionary (again! we're playing this game almost more than once every week for about 1 month, but still not bored of it XD) and played firecrackers O_O

I just love this family of God.

Here's a good star(t) for the new year!