Comic : Words Will Never Hurt Me

Hahaha, so much for being a strong person XD

Sam and Kurt #2

I'm a big fan of Sam and Kurt as you would have known by now and I even blogged about them (here). I love them for their enthusiasm for music and their interest in doing the things they love - making music. Unlike some people, they upload videos of themselves and tries to be superstars from it.

No, they're not like that and they're very humble people :D and also, Sam is an enthusiast. You can see how he sings his heart out in every song. Of course, the music, singing, video and production quality is awesome but it's not completely flawless as nothing is perfect. But still...haters please shoo.

Anyways, just to share with you guys their latest two videos, which I think is fantastic. And you can see the descriptions if you want their free mp3. :)

Super proper updates after SPM! Soon, argh :( Cheers people :D

Linkin Park - Waiting for the End

Waiting for the End. Man, I love this kinda-new-song by Linkin Park. It's soo..different somehow. Me likes! I know they've kinda been criticized by their fans because they music kinda changed blabla ._." But I like it, better than before XD

Anyway, watch is here :

Or you can watch the official HD video here. They disable the embedded codes so I can't copy paste the codes :x

Enjoy! :)


It's been a roller coaster ride for the past week. Things happening have disturbed my emotions much. But I will be back soon! And that's not the reason I'm not updating but it's because I don't have the time to do so for now! I'm taking a break from blogging.

Oh, today is also the day THEY have shifted out - finally! After 5 years of waiting and more than 15 years of endurance, plus patience. Well, don't judge me because I'm rejoicing for you have not known what I've gone through.. *emos. xD. Muahaha. We're really happy. My family and I. 

I will be back! With posts bout i-City, Shang-Rila, Uniqlo and the amazing YPF's first ever Brothers' Night. :) Stay tune! 


Hi peeps, just a short update.

If you guys are looking for a pretty good new browser, please head on to . They're offering a browser which is perfect for socialistas. It's still in Beta and I'm trying out. You just need to sign up using your email address and they'll email you your download link about 1 day later. It's so cool to have facebook, twitter and facebook chat all at one glance. Do take a look at their video at their website. Go get it, please! XD.