I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Nuffnang is treating 50 people with their guest to watch Toy Story 3 (before release date, omg) and I hope I'm the one of the lucky ones!

I grew up watching cartoons, and one of my favourite would be Toy Story! And what's best is that Toy Story 3 is out now, after i-dont-know how many years. But it's good! :D 

When Andy was a boy, I was a girl. And now that Andy is entering college, I'm also going to do so soon. :P

There's a number of new toys in Toy Story 3 and here's my favourite!

Obviously, my favourite is Peas-In-A-Pod because I'm biased to put it in the middle :D
I think Peas-In-A-Pod's name is one of the longest and hardest to pronounce. =/ Too many syllabus.

Anyway! I like Peas-In-A-Pod because in my opinion, it has so many common things with my favourite toy in Toy Story 1 & Toy Story 2.

The Squeeze Toy ALIENS!

Now, allow me to list them down, the common characteristics and reason why I love Peas-In-A-Pod!

1) Both toys come in threes. Single is simple, double is trouble, triple is terrible. D:
But who says triple is terrible? These two toys proof that triple is multiple the wonders of toys.

2) I love green(as you can see the layout of my blog), and they both come in greens. Simple as that.

3) Peas-In-A-Pod is soooo much cuter than the Aliens omg!

4) Did you notice that I can zip up the Peas-In-A-Pod like a pencil box and bring them to anywhere I want? :D

 5) I think Peas-In-A-Pod and Aliens are somewhat related to each other, perhaps when Peas-In-A-Pod gets angry, they transform and look like some mutated peas just like the aliens. 

Take a look at the picture below : 

Don't you think all of the other toys look horrified except the aliens who looked so impressed and amazed?
They must have seen the Peas-In-A-Pod transformed and the Aliens have found a relative!

Anyways, so much of the Peas-In-A-Pod and Aliens. Nothing beats Peas-In-A-Pod still.
They're sooooo cute, and they only have 2 eyes :D which makes them much normal.

Hoho, I love Peas-In-A-Pod !

& most of all,
I can't wait to watch Toy Story 3 in 3D!

Nuffnang, choose me =)
I wish to go..
But you..
So, I think I will fail my addmaths again, even before I sit for my paper 2  tomorrow.
I tried.
Really, I did.


I wished my mojo was back!
I don't know what to write anymore. Life seems to be "too private and secretive" sometimes? -.-

No doubt, I love to write.
Blogging was a hobby, now I don't know what it is.

And ohmy..it's June in a few days time. June?! Where HAD the 5 months gone seriously?
Time seriously flies, blink blink a few more times, I'm out of school *cheerios*..

And I should start thinking of what I wanna be.
There's a lot of false ambitions I have, which I argue is not realistic enough.

I want to do something I like, and also have a future in my hands.
How is that possible seriously? God knows. Hahah, yea only God knows.
I wish He will like send someone and tell me o_o"

I don't wanna go cracking my brain thinking about my future :'(
Or maybe I just bersara and find a good ol' hubby to feed me for the rest of my life? =D
Stay at home and be a good tai tai. HAHHAA. -_----;

Anywayyyyyyy, future future future. I shall not worry about tomorrow. I have enough for today.
But addmath exam is tomorrow! How can I not worry?

I don't know why, people don't believe me when I say I failed all my science subjects and addmaths. They look so highly on me ah? =x heh. I did lar. Nothing proud also -_- . I shall work hard.

Did I mention before I started tuition too? o_o Definitely learning something from the classes, but I still hate the rigid schedule =( Like I have to set apart another 4 hours in the week for something. Not of my interest. But what to do, if I don't go I shall be flunking my SPM for real.

Yes, haih. So, I shall go searching for the aim of my life. =D
In my dreams now! Sleepyyy zzzz. toodles!
3 days of exam is over, 2 weeks to go.
I'm on a race to finish it, not perfectly, but with what I just have.
I always say "Don't Strive" but people say "Strive for the best!".

So how?
I shall..
Enjoy! After the exam, straight away the day after next, Imma going to Malacca!
Ah, gonna enjoy kao kao I tell you.
Toodles 8)
Juz'a brief update.

I miss my friend.


I love this shot. Super macro rocks my socks.
I'm attempting to keep my blog alive now.
If I don't write any sooner, I'll have an emotional breakdown.
My place to rant, my place to be myself.
Oh, hazel means a lot to me.
Oh! My 700th post can you believe it? =)

I'm so moodless.
It's just one of those days.

You know school totally sucks now?

My studies. No comment, but better than the beginning of the year =/

Teachers. All of the are getting crazy. We're getting shoutings everyday even from the Moral teacher. Well he didn't shout. He was very happy. Very upset. And the rest of the teachers are the same. Whether good teachers or not, friendly or not. All are the same. Same. Soon, 5U 2010 will be blacklisted. Teachers are expecting 5U to be uber good. Always with this phrase "Ini kelas 5U kah? Ini kan kelas straight A's? Kelas straight A's macam ini ke?" Why must we always meet their expectation? They insult us when we don't. When we try to please them, any compliment? Nope. None. I know last year's 5U was great awesome achievers. Not all of us are like them. Sigh.

My highest respect is for my BM teacher. Although being an OKU, she still dedicates herself to teach. I think she deserves respect from everyone. At least, I think she have many values in her life and she implies them in her teaching. I actually pay high interest in her life. But I don't fancy being teacher's pet and those sorts so I don't know about her.

Besides the teacher issue, probates in schools are getting on my nerves for being over-skema. I told one of the probates off for trying to "correct my mistakes" during assembly today. No, I'm not being rebellious, she's just not sensible. I shall not let out my rage, I mean anger here. The incident is totally stupid.

Classmates. Are getting crazy. Sometimes, we're like in a family. Sometimes, like enemies. Oh it rhymed. Great. Yeap, right. Division can be clearly seen here and there. Group A doesn't mix with Group B, so on. This is not just only racial groups but even in the same race, we don't talk sometimes. Ironic isn't it? Open your eyes and see that this is "the 1Malaysia".

I have no comment. I'm quite lost. Having mood swings. Don't mind me =/

Overall, life's mundane. Sucks at the moment because of all the random crappy thoughts in my mind. The mind is the devil's playground I understand. I bind all these in Jesus' name. God, give me Your peace.

One a random thought, I'm beginning to love the Indian kids from the flats area. I mean it's great to be able to be friends with them.