Aki, aka Chui Yin XD

Look, I'm updating my blog for you.
Lols. Happy 22nd, your day. Happy Birthday Aki ! :)

Celebration was at TGI's Friday last last Sunday.
Just post some random pictures.

*click to enlarge.*

This is a joke. Please don't take the picture above seriously -_-;


Uhh, a picture with a story. Lazzzyyyy to explain.

and visit their archives for Aki's birthday post.

Again, Happy 17th Aki ! :D
Don't bother visiting.
Cause I ain't gonna update anymore :D.
At least not that soon.


What do you do when you watch your closest friends being so far from you now.
Then it will be "those were the days" when you're close with them.

Few people are missing from my life right now.
And though I'm having great company in school and YPF and all, I totally miss them in being part of my life.
They are part of the puzzles.
What is happening?

I have no idea what's up with them.
And the friendship is now being hi-bye kinds.
I hate that.
Hate being so close with someone and then drift so far apart like strangers :(
It sucks.

I don't believe in 'people come and go'.
Don't want that to happen..
Some thoughts are flying around,
I'm trying to capture it.
Reliving the moment.
Is hard.

Add Ons

I just downloaded a few add-ons for Firefox and it's working well. :D
Fastestfox, Personas and Cool Previews :D

Fastestfox is good for browsing blogs, as there are limited posts in a blog's homepage. As you scroll down, immediately your page will be "refreshed" with the next page of the blog appearing in front of you. Awesomeness. :D Loveee it. Fastestfox also has other features, check it out :P

Personas allow me to customize Firefox with any skin I like ranging from thousands of skins of different themes. And, I dont even have to download them ;D It's all in one. :D

And as for cool previews, it's good as I could just put on my cursor and read on instead of opening a new tab :D

Enough of geek talk. Go try lah! ;D