In the last two months or so, the world has been witnessing tremendous changes to how we do life. New normal, as they say. Due to coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, many countries have enforced their own versions of movement control order (MCO) and have different names for it too. Anyway, with the MCO in place, that meant that no Ramadan bazaars were allowed this year. 

For as long as I can remember, I've visited Ramadan bazaars to get some treats that you can easily find during this season - one of them being tepung pelita. For the last 2 weeks or so, I've been frantic about finding good tepung pelita. It's easy to find them in bazaars when you can see the physical thing.

I've actually kept the contact of one of the guys selling tepung pelita. Took down his number last year when I bought from his stall in one of the bazaars in Cheras and found that it was quite good. Anyway, I sent him a message only to find out that he's not selling them this year because "kilang tepung pelita tak beroperasi". Instead, he's been doing delivery for barang-barang basah

Aw man.

Anyway, when I mentioned that I was frantic about finding good tepung pelita - I meant messaging at least two dozens of people selling tepung pelita. This was how I started my search:
  • Used Facebook and searched "tepung pelita" in relevant groups (mostly community groups within the vicinity of my house, or the online bazaar groups) - relatively easy process.
  • Contacted them all through WhatsApp. Most if not all of them used WhatsApp API so it was convenient to message them without having to add them as a contact first.
What I learned in my search for good tepung pelita:
  • It was kind of hard to search for the tepung pelita that I like cause I realised that this year many more sellers decided to use plastic containers instead of the traditional way of using banana leaf 
  • Found out that some of them charged RM7-RM10 for delivery, that's even more expensive than the kuih itself.
  • Quite a number of sellers offer minimal delivery charges - RM2-5; and a few also offered free delivery when you order a minimum of 2 or 3 boxes.
  • Prices of tepung pelita range from RM3-4 per box (5 to 6 pieces in each box).
  • Most of them still use COD (cash on delivery). I would've personally preferred if they could let people transact through DuitNow to minimise contact.
Ultimately, in the past 2 weeks, I have gotten tepung pelita from at least three different sellers, and I can happily say that at my third try, I've managed to find one worthy to be talked about and promoted.

To start off, let me share with you the first one that I've gotten:
Let's call this Tepung Pelita A. This was priced at RM4 for 1 box of 6 pieces. Free delivery cause I bought 3 boxes. Initially, my sisters and I thought this was pretty good in terms of taste albeit the texture was a little different than what we're used to having - like... mousse? Found out that a lot of people have used the "tak perlu kukus" method to make tepung pelita this year, including this one that I bought.

Anyway, by the second day, I was a bit turned off cause quite a number of themsthem turning sour. Now that's an indication that it was turning bad already. I've bought quite a lot of tepung pelita over the years and usually my family would finish them within a few days at most. This is the first time that one turned bad so quickly, even when we've kept it refrigerated. So that was kinda disappointing cause I was already planning to make a repeat order lol.

Anyway, this was the point when I became super rajin to start finding for a better tepung pelita. Cause tak puas hati, you know.

On my second attempt, I deliberately avoided anyone selling the "tepung pelita tak perlu kukus" - I could roughly tell from the photos of the tepung pelita they provided. 

I ended up with this one, Tepung Pelita B. This one is priced at RM3 for 5 pieces. Paid RM2 for delivery even though ordered 3 boxes. This one, confirm got kukus. First look was quite promising... except that it didn't quite meet our expectations. 

I found it to be a bit harder and some quite "sticky" and overall not consistent cause some were softer as well, although, it must be noted that taste wise it was quite alright. 

Tepung Pelita C. Like I said earlier, third time's the charm. Price is RM3 for a box of 5 pieces. Delivery was free for purchase of a minimum of 2 boxes.

What's great about this is that it's not too sweet and the texture is just right - not hard like jelly, not soft like mousse. It's not sticky as well. It's the traditional kind cause you'll find the pool of sweet syrup (it's just sugar water, really lol) once you spoon gets to the bottom of it.

I still have some in my fridge, maybe I'll take another picture lol. 

And yes, I'm planning to order again before he stops selling them this Friday. 

That is all. Just wanted to share my happiness here.