Venture Electronics (VE) Monk Plus comes in the most dodgy packaging ever but I reckon it's one of the best things I've ever bought in my life.

I've bought a couple of headphones and earphones over the last few years but I only use one consistently for the last two years. It was a Sony earphones (I don't even remember which model cause I randomly bought it from Harvey Norman) that cost me about RM30. I've been using that almost every night since I use it to sleep and finally one of the earbud died one me.

Awhile ago I read an article on Lowyat about this "RM20 earphones" and the good reviews about it. It was a no-brainer to get this, I thought... because after a quick 30-minutes search on Google and YouTube, somehow I'm convinced. (I'm not the gullible type k, I usually take more time to research :p)

The problem is I have to buy it online and I was kind of lazy to wait for the shipping from overseas so eventually I paid about RM34 to get it from a local seller that was selling online on Lowyat forum.

Got to say that I'm blown away by the sounds this little guy produces. I'm no audiophile nor a pro critic but I know that I like what I hear when using the VE Monk Plus, and I know it's good stuff. Don't ask me the technical stuff, I have very little knowledge in all that.

I preferred the previous Sony earbuds I own, because it was slightly smaller and it was a good fit for my ears. VE Monk Plus is a bit larger for my own liking.

I don't bother using the foams anymore because they come off too easily.

The cable quality is not bad.

Why so cheap leh? If you guessed "China", you're right. VE is an audio company based in China and I'm guessing that's why. Also. the last I read, the company only has 5 employees. OMG. They're doing some great stuff.

Overall, I think it lives up to the motto stamped in front of the dodgy packaging - "The biggest bang you'll ever hear for your buck."