Toridoki is a fairly new restaurant (about 4 months old since its opening a few months ago) in Desa Sri Hartamas. Toridoki prides itself in serving the best chicken dishes - you can find 'chicken' on almost every page of its menu.

Kitchen area is open for everyone to see and I find it impressive that the staffs can work around such a tight and cramped space.

Yay for tatami mats. 

For starters, take heart to know that the restaurant will serve you a complimentary appetiser for your meal. It changes day-to-day but we got potato salad when we visited.

The first dish for the night was Konsai Salad (root's vegetable's salad). The salad is made of Japanese root vegetables, covered with mayonnaise, and then grated with parmesan cheese. Yes, that's one huge cheese there. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the Konsai salad and it's one of my favourite here although it's not chicken.

Then comes Nagaimo Garlic Butter (Japanese yam with garlic and butter). Personally, it's one of my least favourite dishes from Toridoki. For one, I think it's too oily. Although it's fragrant, the overall taste leaves me wanting more - don't really have much taste and I think adding more garlic would fix that. Perhaps Toridoki was hesitant to put more garlic because not everyone likes the taste of garlic.

Next in line is the Teba Age (deep-fried chicken wing). One of my personal favourites at Toridoki. Everybody loves deep-fried chicken wings, right? Crispy and fragrant with the right amount of marination to give you tasty and uber-crispy wings. 

Taking a break from the crispy fried wings, next was the Sunagimo Ahijyo (chicken gizzard and 8 kinds of vegetables served on a hot plate with French loaf). Honestly, I didn't find this dish very special taste-wise.

Back to chicken. One of the main stars in Toridoki is Maruyaki (grilled whole chicken). The size of the chicken is smaller than the regular chicken, but take my word for it that the portion is sufficient if you've ordered other dishes as well. 

Three condiments will be provided for the grilled whole chicken. It's marinated but I think not long enough for the marination to be absorbed into the chicken flesh so the condiments add more taste to the chicken. Oh ya, the skin is super crispy!

Toridoki boasts of making fresh tamago, and it's hot when served. Honestly, I love it but RM14 seems a little overpriced for me. Also, I realised I didn't take a picture of the Toridoki logo stamped on the tamago from the right point of view and I tried rotating the picture but it doesn't make sense due to the angle and framing of the original photograph.

Matsu Ni - soup with chicken innards and tofu. That round thing in the middle is chicken ovary, not fishball or meatball. Can't bear to eat such a thing (I don't take innards) but people on my table were telling me it tastes like egg. I didn't take anything else from the pot except to try the soup, which was quite good.

Alright, here comes the other stars from Toridoki, the yakitoris (skewered chicken):

Yakitori - Tsukune is a skewered chicken made of different parts of a chicken. It is grilled using sweet sauce and the texture is just right. 

Yakitori - Negima. Since the skewered chicken is made of all chicken thigh, there's leek to balance out in case you think you're stuffing yourself with too much chicken.

Yakitori - Toridoki is a chicken skewered made of chicken thigh and chicken breast wrapped with chicken skin. Chicken breast is almost as tender as the chicken thigh. Tastes good enough even without sauce.

Another dish we tried that night was Cheese Yaki Onigiri (camembert cheese with grilled rice ball). I actually prefer if the rice ball is not grilled (I like onigiri that way) but overall this onigiri is very pleasant to have. Cheese is not too much so it won't make you jelak.

Another dish I really liked for the night was not chicken but the Houjicha pudding because I'm a sucker for desserts it's something different, a special kind of dessert made from Japanese green tea. Uber fragrant and a great ending to a meal with lotsa chicken.

Overall, I think Toridoki really thrives in making good yakitori. Be sure to try the Houjicha pudding! Price is rather steep here though but seeing that it is Desa Sri Hartamas, you can be sure that's the average price for food around the area.

Just a word of caution, I think everyone will already know that Desa Sri Hartamas area is infamous for its parking. So... yes, be prepared to go around finding parking - it took me almost 20 minutes to find a parking spot.

Food: 6/10
Service: 6.5/10
Value: 5/10
Atmosphere: 6.5/10 (I was seated at the far corner of the restaurant (tatami mats woohoo!) and that spot was good enough to prevent me from smelling like smoke when I left)

No 40, Jalan 24/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur,
FB: Toridoki