The last 1 month has been ... quite interesting. 

It was my first time watching a football match together with a bunch of other Arsenal fans and admittedly, many of whom I had not met in person before. Most of us got acquainted through this group called "I'm an Arsenal fan but sometimes they make me go AARRRGGGG!!!!!" Lol, frustrated Gooners, please. But hey, thanks to social media the outing happened and we even got our faces on The Star Online.  

I don't always stay up to watch football la. But this was an exception and I stayed up to watch Arsenal win the FA Cup for two consecutive years. Pretty awesome stuff.

I mentioned in my quick update for May that I finished my papers for my degree programme, and that I was waiting for my results. The outcome? The results were delayed for 4 days and I was really anxious but in the end, all was good - much better than I'd expected in fact! So all glory to God for the great results. Fingers crossed everything else will be smooth as I've just submitted my request for completion last week.

This month I've also started work. While everyone else has their own qualms about where they are working now, I am super happy with where I am working. So I am really grateful for all the opportunities given to me thus far, the office vibe is great and everyone is really nice.

So yeah, I don't really have anything else to say here for now. But.. I'll update when I can :)