One of the highlights in my recent trip to Singapore is definitely going to Pasarbella, a premium grocery shopping destination that hosts more than 30 stores.

Getting to Pasarbella quickly puts me into tourist mode and go snapping around. The place is gorgeous with its rustic interiors and plenty of yellow lighting. It's really pretty and you can imagine the ambiance here, but the lighting puts my camera to test, and I was without my flash. 

Most of the traders here have their own unique selling points - from fresh seafood to pies to American steaks and more. It's such a nice place to be in, reminds me of Marche Restaurants (and Malaysia's only outlet recently closed down, so sad).

The place was quite empty at first and there are plenty of tables and chairs around. Unsurprisingly, Pasarbella got really crowded approaching the peak hour (lunch time) but from my observation there's enough space for everyone to get seated. 

Perhaps one of the most popular trader at Pasarbella is Le Patio as it constantly becomes the center of attraction with its attention-grabbing paella.

Yaroa from Sea Salt Caribbean Deli

A plate of Yaroa and 2 boxes of paella for the 5 of us. 

Yaroa, a three-meat platter consisting of pulled pork, beef and roasted chicken. The beef was excellent! It's like eating sashimi that's made of beef. Everything from the paella box just tastes wonderful. I can just eat the rice all day long.

Naomi (chocolate cake with rum) from Laman's Delight

Chocolate was sweet and the rum in the cake was just right, not too overwhelming with alcohol and complements well with the chocolate. 

As mentioned earlier, Pasarbella is a premium destination so things are priced on the upper side here. So, you can imagine how quick my money depleted because I'm a fellow Malaysian who found myself at Singapore. However, just ignoring my kiamsiap self and refuse to convert how much i spent, dollar-to-dollar wise I still find the price to be rather reasonable. Spent 13SGD for a hearty and satisfying meal, not bad what?

One thing though, I came out of Pasarbella smelling like food. Hah, it's one of my pet peeves so I just wished the ventilation was better. But overall, I like this place!