Rocku Yakiniku is heating up the food scene in Malaysia with its Japanese charcoal grill and entertainment. Originally from Singapore, Rocku Yakiniku opened its first outlet in Malaysia at the new Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Level 7 Dining Loft last December.

Currently, there is an ongoing lunch buffet promotion at RM39.90++ while dinner is at RM49.90++ per pax. The catch is that there is a time limit of 100 minutes. It will cost you another RM9.90++ for every additional 20 minutes. However, from my experience, 100 minutes is more than enough for you to eat until you are not just full, but even bloated - without even rushing.

The seafood platter consists of butter fish, prawn, shishamo, salmon, squid, mussels, and scallop. The sauces on the left are for marination: spicy miso is recommended for seafood while the tare sauce is recommended for meat. The sauces on the right are for dipping.

Fresh seafood

More fresh seafood

lamb shoulder

Pork belly and pork collar

Pork bacon

Beef Chuck Tender, Beef Striploin, Beef Ribeye

Enoki mushrooms and chicken meat

Besides seafood and meat, there is also a wide variety of side dishes available at the side dish counter including fried chicken, chawanmushi, fried rice, edamame and more. 

side dishes

more side dishes


Though clearly there isn't any kind of hose sticking out from the ceiling to absorb the smokes but I'm really pleased that I didn't smell like smoke when I finished my meal thanks to the good exhaust system that was equipped around the barbecue grill.

seafood in marination

pork in marination

It is recommended by staffs and chef that you begin to charcoal grill with bacon because the natural oil from bacon will be good for the rest of the grill. There isn't any butter or oil provided because it may cause fire on the charcoal. 

Most cuts were delicious and tasty but just remember not to overcook them. I love dipping the meats into the spicy miso sauce, which I found to be rather addictive. As a non-spicy eater I find that the spiciness of the sauce bearable. It took more time to barbecue seafood but the patience was worthwhile because they were all very fresh and sweet. Special note given to the enoki mushroom because after I barbecue it, I could taste the natural sweetness that was flowing out of the mushrooms. 

Food aside, another highlight of Rocku Yakiniku is its on-site entertainment. Currently, there is a live jazz performance every Wednesday night and magic performance on Friday nights. Unfortunately for me, I did not get to enjoy the entertainment here because it was lunch time.

you can view the stage anywhere from where you are seated

It is easy to see why this place is almost full house even on a weekday lunch time. Rocku Yakiniku definitely offers a great selection of meat (like beef which are imported from Australia and New Zealand) and seafood (imported from Japan). What's even better is the reasonable price for a buffet meal. The only complain I have is that when the charcoal heats up, I can immediately feel the heat coming from the center of the table, even when I'm just seated and not even grilling. 

Food: 7.5/10
Service: 6/10
Value: 6.5/10
Atmosphere: 5.5/10

ROCKU Yakiniku Malaysia
Level 7, Pavilion KL,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
FB: Rocku Yakiniku Malaysia
Call: 03 2148 8884