Went to makan with HF and Shanon last week. Before I begin, I must say it was quite a feat to travel from Cheras all the way to Oasis Square Ara Damansara. With the help of Waze and Google Maps we made it all the way until.. Waze and Google Maps directed us to a housing area. Whut. Furreals.
And we weren't the only ones cause we overheard the other table who said they also went to a housing area while searching for this cafe. LOL.

Pro tip: If you wanna go to Mr. & Ms. Cafe, you're better off searching for "Rakuzen Oasis Square" instead, it's at the same place.

Mr. & Ms. encourages people to take pictures and post them online with their official hashtag #mr8ms. Smart, I'd say. Give a thumbs up for that. Oh ya, not sure why so many people keep saying Mr. & Mrs. The "r" makes all the difference people. 

Normal cafe prices. I wanted the butterscotch pancakes but it was not available :(

Nice ambiance with good food. I'm still against paying so much for these cafe food but looks like things ain't gonna change and the price is just gonna keep on increasing. 

Oasis Square is a quiet place surrounded with quite a number of eateries. Very nice place here. Took some photos and I'll share two here :D

I think I'd like to frequent this place more.. but the distance is really a hindrance. :P