Hi people! Sorry for the slight delay but Q4 for the #adidasbloggercup is now up and running! Answer the question in the app below the image. 

Clue: One country begins with the letter J (5 letter name) and the other is ME (6 letter name)

Do remember to put "www.ruxyn.com" as the blog you are entering from. Appreciate it very much :)

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 4)

For those of you who have entered the previous rounds, you should receive an email from the organisers. Here are the answers for Q1 and Q2: 
Q1: Die Nationalmannschaft
Q2: Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Mesut Ozil, Dani Alves, Oscar dos Santos

Just an update: As of now, I'm currently second on the leaderboard. Let's see if I can go up and take the first spot but I'll need all of your help. Thanks again everyone and all the best! :) Remember to come back on Thursday for the next question :D