It's been a year since #505. I still remember on the very next day of #505 many Malaysian netizens were expressing their discontentment and disappointment everywhere on social media over the results. I don't know if we should find it funny or utterly pathetic when we see so many Malaysians flocking to Mr. President's page and pleaded for help.

Recently, Mr. President came to Malaysia,  everyone was thrilled causing massive traffic jam wherever he went. Don't get me wrong - I mean I was excited too, the man dubbed as the most powerful on earth is here in tanah airku.. not forgetting this is sure to go into Malaysia's history as it's been almost 50 years since a US president visited this land...but maybe it's because I hadn't had the chance to meet him so I didn't feel the hype enough.

Obviously, this visit is highly politicised and all activities of Mr President in Malaysia were highly scrutinised. And then I see so many tweets and posts coming again. Strangely again, Malaysians are calling to Mr. President to be the hero of the nation. What Malaysians fail to realise is Mr. President is no saviour at all. With respect I will say, he has fought his way and has somewhat done good things to be where he is now but he, like many politicians in the world are the same - they have their own agenda. I guess we all just do not have our own public figure to represent us and be our own voice. 

People I know often say this about the two coalitions: it's about choosing the one that is less evil. So the educated ones seemed to be in the situation where they have a Hobson's choice in their hands. Racism, crimes, high-cost of living are real issues that seems to be more rampant these days and Malaysians look lost in the sea of troubles. Every other leader seem to talk and talk but can we ever see the actions or results we hope for? And some chose to wisely remain silent but nothing seem to be progressing either.

I hope that in the near future, a strong leader will arise. Whoever the leader may be, I hope he or she has a high sense of patriotism, someone who has the love for people and country. And then, Malaysia can truly progress.