Season 9 Premiere Part 2 "The Inspired" (spoilers ahead!)

Here's what I thought: I'd have to be honest - this is not my favourite. I even think it's one of the most boring episodes for me because I want more crime (I'm evil like that). Sure, there were some twist here and there. Here's one whole psychopathic family coming together. The narcissistic mother, Carla who plots for her own son, Wallace's death by asking his twin, Jesse Gentry (who was sent for adoption by his own mother) to murder him. Then comes another character into the picture - a schizophrenic father. All these in less than 45 minutes. Are you crazy? :D

We also saw brief scenes of the newly-committed crimes, no real attention given to them. I think the writers are trying to fit in too many things at a time - the story is all over the place it makes me think that the BAU team cannot even analyse it properly, LOL. There's no real depth in the case because there's too many things happening at the same time. So how to really develop a  good element of surprise? Everytime the team reveals something it makes me go .. "Yes, of course right..." "OH..An evil twin! HA!" /sarcastic/

I'd wish that the interrogation between Hotch and Carla was more intense since Carla is less than emotional. I thought it would be a great opportunity to reveal more of Carla's character here. More aggressive maybe? I don't know but I feel something is lacking in the emotional part.

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At the end of the episode, it's confirmed that Hotch will not be the new section chief, in a less than 3- minute-scene. Again, I wished it was a little longer as it is a big change for the BAU team but it was downplayed but it gives a closure I guess. Strauss is a recurring character in the show but hey, she was there for 8 seasons which is really significant so I thought they should at least make good closure for her with the replacement. Pfft.

The only thing I liked about this episode is the fact I've had to guess which twin is more troubled. Is it Wallace or Jesse? Who was killed in the end? And for most of the time, I wondered - who was talking to who? Then I finally noticed lol, the only way to tell is that one is wearing a baseball cap and the other is not.

Still, I think the people behind Criminal Minds is trying to do something different in this season's premiere. I can't wait for the rest of the season knowing that "The Reaper" is going to be back and I'd really want to know more about JJ's past :D