One of gadgets I now own and use is v-Jays Headphones :) I'm not gonna write a review or anything. Just stating my first impressions and also the unboxing of v-Jays pictures here. I didn't spend any money buying this :1 Won it via a slogan contest facebook. Yay. This was very long ago anyway, back in 18th November last year.

So I really love the packaging. Ya know I dig stuffs with good packaging. As seen in the picture, headphones are in one part of the box and the accessories in the other side of the box.

Really, really cool box. I rike :)

Accessories in plastic. 

Very cool. And it's black I love it. I particularly love headphones and not ear piece because I have wet earwax and it really gets annoying when I put something IN side. Yuck. I practically don't use ear piece actually.

Been using for months now. Works great. :) Love it. Never regretted not selling it but instead kept it and use it myself :) More next time!