Warning: Cuteness overload ahead

A very long time ago, I think about last year, my sister showed several videos of what Konapun is. You should google what it is or youtube it. Cutenessssss. And so, I madly love the concept and idea of Konapun and that is part of the reasons why I always adored Japan/Japanese for their sick creativity.

So the sisters tried out sushi Konapun the last 2 weekends. Snapped a few pictures. I super love the process of making the Ebiko sushi. Amazed by the "technology" behind it. Whut. It's actually edible but who wants to eat such a cute thing right?!

Sorry for the horrible pictures, I didn't manage to tweak the right settings for it. Hah. EBIKO, I love you. Now I'm craving for some sushi.