How was your NYE? Mine was awesome to the max! I wasn't caught in jam, didn't get packed like sardines with a few hundred or thousand unknown sticky strangers. I was very very near home, in a friend's house together with the whole extended family yet we don't have any blood relations :)

There was turkey, pizzas, chicken pies. So Western-like? Don't worry we also had mihun and other good food :P There were wine and beer, but no one was drunk, maybe the hyperactive kids perhaps? Also, my first time really drinking beer and I took hours to finish 1/3 of a bottle. Total fail lol.

We just enjoyed each other's company, eat away, laugh at each other silliness during pictionary (again! we're playing this game almost more than once every week for about 1 month, but still not bored of it XD) and played firecrackers O_O

I just love this family of God.

Here's a good star(t) for the new year!