In my previous post, I mentioned that Bruno Mars is coming to KL woots! I bet all of you are wondering how much are the tickets, where to buy Bruno Mars concert tickets etc. :D So just gonna share some details with you guys here.

Ticket price is listed, as you can see from the poster. 

Prices of ticket varies : 
1) RM 125, RM 153, RM 259 for Regular Price & After Completion of Maxis Offer.
2) RM 107, RM 131, RM 221 for Maxis Subscribers 15% (11th March - 26th March)

Updates* : Apparently,  Level 5 and Level 6 tickets are sold out. 
The only ones left are Rock Zone tickets. :(

The seatings can be seen in the image above :)

Terms and Conditions

1) Ticket prices above include RM3 ticketing fee. 
2) 1 ticket admits 1 person ONLY, no sharing of seats.
3) Infant and children below 15 are not allowed, children of 15 years and above require a ticket.
4) RM25 re-printing fee will be charged for damaged tickets.
5) Strictly NO photography, video and audio recording is allowed.
6) Once tickets are sold, NO exchanges or cancellations will be entertained.

Source : Ticketpro

Discount and Offer

1) Get Bruno Mars caller ringtone bundle for RM10 and enjoy 15% off concert tickets.
2) Available from 12th-25th March 2011
3) Send GET BRUNO to 29000 and present your SMS notification at Ticketpro counters to redeem your concert tickets. 
4) Login to for more details 

Source : Maxis