So right, at the moment I don't feel like blogging. I've been using unifi for quite sometime now. Uploading, downloading and streaming anything should be fast :) I wasn't on the comp for awhile but mum just bought a wireless usb so I can go online using the comp now. However, my external hard disk is currently dying and I haven't fix it. :( Uber sad uber sad. My pictures..sigh. That also explains why I haven't been updating about YPF Retreat 2010, Christmas and my trip to Korea.

Anyhow I'm really into Bruno Mars currently XD. The singer-songwriter who climbed to fame last year was much related to be the next MJ. Well, no one can replace MJ. But I've been listening to some of his songs, and kinda like it :D Not all but most of them. Hehehe. So, just sharing with you guys :)