So right, I didn't put in much effort in blogging about YPF's Sisters' Night the other time. But I shall do a nice post about Brothers' Night instead :)

The brothers themed Sisters' Night as Princesses and so this time the girls decided to have a Pirates Night for the guys instead.

So I was in the deco team, and was in church with my sisters and Shuan Pei from 9 something-ish. And we were already late =x. Ops, behind schedule. We started being productive by wrapping the pillars with brown mah jong paper, to give the "woody feel". Okay it wasn't so much of a "we". Shuan Pei did most of the work, I just helped. D: Kudos to her! She worked the whole day :)

So right, Hannah, Justine and Li Ling came later and we're really behind schedule because it's late already :x So we began the real work. Yeah decorating the whole place, and rushing. See the flags up there? It was handmade by Hannah. Very nice right? :)

Ruhwey and Li Ling were the ones putting up the hugeeee curtains, and ironically they weren't the tallest people around :P Anyway, all of us had an average height of say maybe 155cm?.. -_-; But anyhow, they managed to still put up the heavy and ma fan curtain with the help of a table and 2 mini chairs. What to do, not enough ladders.. Shhhh...

More decos are up for the next few hours, and at four o'clock we were still working on the decorations.. And it's already time for us to start panicking cause not everyone is complete yet and we need to finish everything quick...

One of the decos, to add in the pirate-ish feeling. :P Creating an ambiance is hard work and effort.. I now know how the guys felt that day =/

Treasure chests made from polystyrene and paints. xD Nowadays, those coin chocolates costs a lot. -.-' I wonder why... I thought it was those cheapskate chocolates? ._. Guess cocoa is very expensive nowadays.

From the "stage" view. Okay, most decos are up but at five, we're still not done yet. And this time we are really panicking.. but since we're here the whole day, we went back and wash up first =x and rushed back again to finish the decos.

At the very last minute, the decos were up when we came back and did the final touches. The black cloth were stuff behind the grills, how creative? :P Sorry to some guys who came on time, we made them wait downstairs because we weren't done with the decos then. D:

So right, cocktails as drinks for the night! Not really actually, it's ice cream soda + kickapoo joy juice xD. Tastes really appetizing. I know everytime Shuan Pei comes with her cup she'll say, more jellies please, Lester wants more! :P XD Many guys declined for the nata de coco, except Lester and a few more guys :P

So while waiting for the other guys to come, the early ones got free face paint from the girls. How entertaining? Please say yes XD..

Anxious boys. Before they could get their cutleries for dinner, they've have to pass the pirate language test..which most of the boys didn't pass =x But we were kind enough to spare them from the misery and all of them got their cutleries xD.

Dinner, main course! Food was definitely one of the highlights of the night. The guys were beaming from ear to ear when they see the food served and how delicious the food was. :P Looks good, tastes good.

And all these are much thanks to the girls behind in the kitchen, namely Tirzah, Poh Ling and Chin Wei. :) and the other girls who helped out as well :)

After the delicious main course, it was games time :D

Meanwhile, Wei-Li and Amy were preparing desserts for them. See, we were productive all day :P 

And the other girls were taking their opportunity to have some rest, and be judges :P

Desserts! :D

Door gifts for the guys.. eye patches. or as Wei-I would say : IPatches? 

Then, photography session.. and my favourite pictures for the night!  :

My favourite picture for the day :) See the contrast? Thank you Rachel for being my model XD. Super love this picture, I don't know why haha.

T'was a great day indeed! Except I got sick the very next day... oh well. Looking forward to the next one!