The only athlete I really look up to is Nicol David. She's done it again. Indeed she's the Queen of Queens (as The Star paper had put it). She bagged the gold medal for squash in Commonwealth games and she'd nailed it too if only squash was in the Olympics. Oh wells, these are the things that make me proud as a Malaysian. xD.

Well, learn to take pride in little things (probably because we don't have many "big things" to be proud of =.=) I like telling people in poker when they ask me :

You Chinese? 
Yes, I am..But I live in Malaysia.
Huh? What you mean?
I'm a Chinese and I live in Malaysia. There's a whole lotta other people here too. Diversity in Malaysia is amazing. We have the Malays, the Indians and other ethnics in Malaysia. 
Oh, that's cool.
It is ! :)