Well, deadlines are pushing me very hard. :(
Midterm results are mostly out. Verdict is I'm so happy with my language subjects :D It's the only subjects I can score anyway -________-; Uh, other than that 2 papers of disappointment. And I passed my chemistry, amazingly o_o" But addmaths, I failed again uh oh... -_-;;
Time to buck up T_T. I'm counting the days left. D:

And, did I mentioned I cut my hair? XD. And I kena tangkap today. Because I didn't pin up my fringe x_x. But it's short enoughhhh =( Lectured by the teacher also also o_o and the teacher was asking me if I got anything tak puas hati or want to complain -__-; several times. "Ruxyn..blablablabla.." "Ruxyn...blablablabla"  repeats 3-4 times -_-; Anyways, so, who has been spreading that I'm a rebellious student now huh? Own up. Pfft. But whatever, I say what I need to. Lalala.

I'm a fighter! *punch*

Lol, just a old random very old random very very old and very random picture o_o