Food: Papasan Canteen/883 Jalan Kuchai Lama, Old Klang Road

I was searching for a good cafe to eat earlier this year when I saw Papasan Canteen being featured on some of the most popular blogs in Malaysia. I was skeptical, because these bloggers tend to say "this nice, that also nice" - or basically everything also nice. But, at the same time I was won over by the photos and the price of food!  

I had always thought it was Papa-san Canteen. As in papa-'san', the Japanese honorific title. But I'm guessing the name Papasan is actually wordplay of the numbers '883' in Chinese. Either way, I thought it was interesting to know. 

At the time of writing, I've been here more than a couple of times. Here are some photos of the food from the multiple visits: 

Service here is excellent. During my first visit, it was full house and they were a bit kelam-kabut but they were very apologetic that they couldn't serve us better, and their mannerism was 100% professional.

Their menu have quickly expanded since the first visit as well. So you can say they're still keeping up their game.

I discovered a very good friend of mine really liked this place too.

Basically it's a good place to makan with family and friends cause there's a lot of things to try, at a very reasonable price.

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