Last day of the month already!

I wanted to blog more here but time does not permit. Most days, I'm just thinking about work; what to write, what to do. On weekends, it's pretty much occupied too. And when I do have the time to sit down and do something, I... sleep.

That being said, July's been good.

I bought my first full frame camera - OH MY GOODNESS. Yeah, I can't believe it. Got my hands on my first DSLR in 2011 and five years later I've upgraded like I'm a rich fool. I'm a fool, yes.

But, I hope with this new setup I can take nicer portraits and hopefully, someone will pay me to take photographs next time :P For now, it's still just a hobby.

Celebrated my birthday quietly, and an engagement (not mine, of course).

The most wonderful thing happened - mum made sushi cake. YESSS.

Yesterday, I went to KLPAC to watch a performance for the first time! I was there to support a good friend. Honestly, I didn't expect much but I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I know I've been losing steam and have not finished blogging about my trip to Japan but it's something that I look forward to finishing.

Till the next entry. :)