Quick Update for May

Quick update!

How time flies, first week of May just flew by us just like that. The last few weeks have been good. I finished my last papers in uni for degree, and now I'm just waiting for my results at the end of the month. So glad that thesis and all is over. Very relieved.

I have also been privileged to meet a few bloggers the last few weeks and join them for food reviews for three consecutive weeks. Great experience as I've never really joined review sessions in groups before.

All is well and I'm enjoying my one month break so far before I start something new on 1st June. Excited and nervous.

Ah oh, I extracted my upper wisdom tooth today and had a surgery to remove the bottom wisdom tooth. It's swelling now and suffering from little discomfort but glad that the procedure went well.

Meanwhile, you can expect to see more updates on this blog! I just recently went to Singapore for the first time in my entire life, and I should be making a post or two about my trip there.

Stay tuned!

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