Not Enough People Talking About FSOG OST

Everyone is talking about Fifty Shades of Grey (FSOG) - the movie. And it's banned in Malaysia. But there's no surprise there. I think the surprise is that the OST has surpassed's everyone's expectation. Well, somewhat. I didn't really pay attention to all the hoo-haa about FSOG. I've seen the trailer, yeah. I really like how they remixed Beyonce's Crazy In Love to sound like a really different song. I continued to see promotions by Universal Music Malaysia about the OST but I didn't bother ... until I heard Tanner Patrick's cover for Ellie Goulding's Love Me Like You Do.

Great... the song is still stuck in my head! I haven't been listening to the radio lately but when I did, the song was on radio - a few times! I bet it was on the last few weeks but I only discovered it a few days ago. Lol. I need to keep up with top pop songs again.

Well, I went on to listen to the other OST that I can find on Spotify. I also watched it on Youtube. I like reading comments, y'know..instead of watching the video. And from my skimming, I found out that a lot of people said the movie was so crappy and the only good thing that came out of it was the soundtrack. LOL. 

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