How to Style Stiletto Heels with Class

I'm always a fan of comfy sneakers. In fact, I'd pick sneakers over heels any day if I can. But there are some days where stiletto heels are needed. Stiletto heels have that perfect element that can boost any woman’s confidence in a mere of seconds of wearing them on. 

Some women like myself do not prefer wearing the sky high heels on a day out but wearing them once in a while can definitely perk up outfit and character. In fact, women can create their own personal style and match their favourite stiletto heels with any clothing. 

There are 3 ways a woman can pull off their stiletto heels, looking amazing and fabulous without ever feeling out of date.

The first look attempt, and probably my favourite style, will be to wear those stiletto high heels with a casual outfit. Pair stiletto heels with a smart casual outfit such as blouse and pants for a complete, simple yet fancy look. Ultimate comfort and style. 

The next style look that women can wear their stiletto heels is with a dress/blouse+skirt. This is the perfect combo for the feminine sophisticated look  perfect for dinner parties, date or even for work. Opt for a body-con dress and heels at work for that professional look or wear the heels with a cute A-line dress to achieve an elegant appearance.

In Malaysia, you can be sure to find denim shorts in most peoples' closets because of the weather here. So, ladies can also switch their sneakers and flats with a pair of heels to match with their denim shorts. Dress up the casual denim shorts with a nice pair of stiletto heels for a girlish appearance. The best thing in pairing a pair of high heels with denim shorts is that you are allowed to be creative in picking the shoe colour. The stiletto high heels is definitely an easy but effective match with simple casual clothes like denim shorts.

So, anyone fancy putting on stiletto heels yet? 

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