Hi, July

We are just days away from FIFA World Cup finals! I'm not sure how many crazy fans out there have been staying up to watch all the football matches. I'm rooting for Germany! I hope Holland goes through to the finals so that Germany can whack them. :P

I haven't watch any match cause the hours are just too crazy, I need sleep - especially since I have four classes at 8am in a week the whole semester. I'm glad the first semester for year 3 has come to an end (almost, finals not over yet) in less than 6 weeks cause the lecturers have already stopped teaching. Then I reflect back, what have I learn, what have I been doing?!

*insert unrelated picture*

Internship has been rather good so far. I'm so glad I took up this internship because I really love my supervisor and my "colleagues". Having given the opportunity to brainstorm for ideas even as an intern is great, but I think having flexible working hours is even greater. I love the freedom given :P Thank God I didn't have to do the "typical intern jobs" like making coffee, stapling or photocopying. You know, those horror stories about interns being bullied and stuff.

Somehow, I've been doing a lot of social eating in the last few months. I'm trying my best to cut down. 80% of my expenditure goes to food. Eating out is costly nowadays cause one meal typically costs about RM20. :< Gone are the days where I can have a nice meal with drinks for less than RM10.

Kkkkk... life haven't been very exciting aside from internship.

Anyway jie, so glad you're around. Happy belated birthday.

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